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                                                          /amplitude in position 0.295 bodov


                                                                                                              -noise value from which the number of displayed points in the so-called "point cloud" depends.

I reflect on the inner world experienced in this society. The inner world of emotions and trying to balance them idyllically. They are inherently unformed and heterogeneous, awkward, unadaptable or unyielding.

It is a spatial installation in which I primarily draw on interactivity and the moment of discovering the relations between materiality and immateriality, and it is combined with an element of audio-reactivity. The sound I use is produced by striking a brick against an aluminium composite board and is transformed by the program into a "point cloud".


                                                                  The pictorial and metaphorical vehicle for my exploration is fire.


Fire as an element, unlike other elements, carries energy, typical of emotion.

It is an element that is difficult to work with, difficult to control, it is my parallel to different states in "emotional amplitude"

I incorporate fire into the photographic medium. It is my intention to work with a long exposure time, which, unlike a close-focused image, offers an out-of-focus central composition, and thus records all three phases of combustion: ignition, combustion and burnout.

These three phases of burning are my parallel to the phases of "emotional amplitude" and its three phases; resting, and crossing its two peaks.

My next goal is to show in the digital projection placed below the photograph my idea of what occurs in a person's neural network after the aforementioned crossing of these peaks.




The "point cloud" I used is built by me for the infinite cyclic randomly generated point placements in the shape of a cloud, which visually symbolizes the emotional "neural" map of each of us.


As a viewer, you have the opportunity to interact with the material used and explore its boundaries, you have the opportunity to grasp these two seemingly disparate worlds connected by me. It is essential for you to get into as comfortable a position as possible and hit the photograph with the brick in front of you. I'm not about changing you, I'm just giving you a space where you can stop, think, learn more, or reconsider. You have the opportunity.

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