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The meaning of the phrase "stereotypical life" is well known to everyone, so there is no need to approach it further. however, a definition is needed
specific stereotypical behavior. I think that every individual in this society will at least once in a lifetime realize their inauthenticity, non-originality; he has a dull feeling of everyday life, even more so in an "artistic environment". it is worth mentioning his repetitiveness in the life of the individual, which is in a way comical, taking into account the essence of stereotypical behavior.


If an individual admits the idea that his life is stereotyped, that he lives an ordinary one; a dull life if he feels that he is doing nothing different than the seven billion other people on this planet, if he gets the feeling of living in a "loop" if he thinks that his life is the life of others; then the logical step is to move the object of daily use to a public space. this process, when the object of daily use becomes a public thing, is a kind of metaphor for the behavior of an individual who is aware of this problem and usually his first step is to "privatize" his habits, trying to differentiate himself from other individuals. trying to give your habits and daily routines so-called chances.

Just as the first step to breaking away from stereotypical life for most social media (Facebook, Instagram) is to add stories about the most basic activities, so this work has the same purpose. Its function should not be a comprehensive solution to the problem, it should be the first visual springboard to realize the specifics of choosing specific actions, through which each individual approaches everyday activities such as folding clothes, sitting, specific choice of music at work.


Thus, if an individual included in society admits to realizing the acquisition of this feeling, this work should be an ideal way for him to realize that each individual has experienced and dealt with a similar mental state of mind. Often, an individual who experiences this condition cannot admit the problem, or is not able to admit its uniqueness. I selected five basic human activities that are performed on a daily basis, using objects of daily use. at the same time, I try to adapt the visual language of this work so that the purpose of the "trigger of a chain of thought processes" is obvious to the viewer. if I record
objects of daily use, it is necessary that the unnaturalness of the object situated in a particular space is obvious and also that its function and expressiveness be clear.

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